An Apartment with My Cousin

My cousin and I had been planning on living together ever since we were little girls. As we got older, it was something that we kept talking about. We were closer than sisters or friends, and we just wanted to get started on the rest of our lives. When we both graduated from community college, we knew that it was time to start looking at apartments in Silver Spring MD so we could finally realize our dream of being independent. We had our parents’ blessings because we are responsible, and they even helped us find the perfect place.

I guess it doesn’t hurt that it is so close to where my aunt and uncle live, but we were both okay with that. We ended up getting a really nice two bedroom unit with two bathrooms. It didn’t matter to us which one of us got the bedroom with the master bath, because it just was not a big deal to us. What was a big deal was everything that came with the apartment. We have our own washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a microwave and fridge, and much more.

The rooms are very nice sized, and we have plenty of storage space. We were able to get some furniture at a great place, and we had it delivered right to the apartment. We were moved in within two days of getting the go ahead from the management there, and we haven’t stopped smiling since. It is a lot of responsibility, but we are making our dreams come true. That is what really matters to both of us. I guess it does not hurt that we have some really nice neighbors who are now friends, plus we have a lot of community amenities that keep us active and social. It really can’t get any better than this.

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