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Right now, we are planning to add 10 new employees to our company and that will increase the number of employees that we have by 4 times. Currently, the only people working for the business are myself and a couple of close friends that helped me to start the business a year and a half ago. We have been doing better than expected and now we need to hire more people to expand the operation. I want to use the website I have found to try to get some information and some help when it comes to hiring new people and also when it comes to being an employer in general.

Even though I currently have two emplooyees at my business, I do not really think that they count that much, considering that they are friends and I do not have to interact with them the same way that I would have to interact with someone that I Just hired and did not know previously. I am kind of nervous about having to interview people, because I want to make sure that I hire high quality candidates for the positions that we need to fill.

I am pretty sure that it is not going to be a very easy task for me, but it is something that I am going to have to do. I do not see any other option other than trying to secure more growth for the company. That just seems to be the best bet, and I do not really have any reservations about the growth. It is the only way we are ever going to be able to turn into the sort of company that I had in mind when I first started the business. Of course, things are moving along a bit faster than I had anticipated.

I had satellite TV for a long time but it was a pain to get all the channels I wanted. Plus I bundled to get internet but I only got DSL. I lived to far from the city to get Cox Cable TV but since I moved I have finally switched. The TV has been great as I have been able to get all the stations I like so that I can be sure not to miss any more shows like I had been. Some shows I like were on channels that I could not get before, where I used to live.

Even if I do miss a show I can watch it online now since my internet if faster. My net was so slow before I only got like 5 mbps. It was awful. It also kept dropping all the time. So I would be streaming and the show would just stop loading then I would have to refresh to get it to load again and skip forward only to have it happen again a few minutes later. Sometimes it would be so slow that I couldn’t get it to load at all.

I work online too and this faster internet makes working so much easier and I can get so much more work done in a good amount of time. I am making more money this way. I am never going back to DSL. I did like living rural but there are some things I like about living closer to the city that I would rather not give up again and the cable and faster internet are a couple of those. I also like that I can run to the store or mall and not have it be an all day trip like it used to be. That is just no way to live.

I have just gotten started working on our new marketing plan. The big problem is obviously that we do not have a huge sum of money in the budget. In the past we have been limited to things that are mostly physical in nature, for example cheap postcard printing jobs that we send out to potential customers. There is obviously a limit to how much good that is going to do you though. You just can not reach that many people unless you are willing to print up hundreds of thousands of postcards. Most of all that sort of thing is going to work well with local customers also. You can just blanket the entire area within a certain range of your address or you can look to do it by demographics if you want a more targeted approach to it. That works great so long as your ambitions are local. In particular you want to be able to get the customer through the door for the first time. You offer them something they will want, then they can come in the shop and see what you have on offer. However we are looking to catch more business from our web page and that requires a much different approach to marketing. You can in theory get customers all over the world off of a web page, but obviously there are practical reasons why you would not do that. The truth is that you have to figure out how to reach people in the range of efficient shipping. For example there is a limit to how far I could ship a pallet of bricks without the cost of the shipping becoming really onerous. We do not sell bricks, but we do sell stuff that is going to be really heavy and expensive to ship.

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