Each Day Keeps Getting Better and Better

We wanted a nice place close to the beach and shopping. I am at the beach practically every day I am not working. We like to go before and after work too. We run along with our dogs, and surfing is always an option. Well, when the waves cooperate. We found our perfect place at West Palm Beach luxury apartments. We are only a few minutes away from the beach. We got the gear to go windsurfing or do pretty much any other water sport. It is nice living so close now. Before, we had to drive about 18 hours each way! We used to only get to go when we vacationed.

We really like the apartment we are at. It has nice white cabinets, a nice woodgrain look to the floor, and the countertops are granite. They have a lot of community amenities too such as a swimming pool, outdoor billiards and an outdoor kitchen. We have nice neighbors, and are very happy with our place. We really like our floor plan. We would not move even if we were offered a place at half the price. Well, maybe if it was right on the beach we might move.

I know that a lot of people have dreams of owning a house with a yard. We had that up north and sold it. We longed for our beach vacations so much that one day we asked each other why we just do not move close to the beach. It wasn’t just a novelty to us. It was a lifestyle we wanted to live. I am comfortable in a wetsuit with sand between my toes a whole lot more than wearing a parka and shoveling snow. I have had my fill of that. Living in West Palm Beach in a nice luxury apartment has us feeling energized to face each day.

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