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  • Hello, welcome to Zhejiang Jie Li Da HVAC Technology Co., Ltd. official website!

    PK1:The weight of the main bar under the bear
    In the use of heavy objects under the knock, the two master cylinder knocking degree almost, but the shape is completely different, this picture is not my company all, is a customer of our products will be our other manufacturers of water To do the contrast, we are very proud of, in such a blow, our water separator is not a little crack.
    PK2:Material differenceGood material is the last word
    General manufacturers are basically used HPb57-3 or HPb58-3 Material
    All the forging water collectors are used HPb59-1 material, the better material, product quality is more secure.
    PK3:Forging processThe same water separator, not the same forging process
    Hydraulic press extrusion, waste less, low cost, secondary molding, prone to compartment or cracking phenomenon
    500T large tonnage punch blank, waste edge, high cost, a forging forming, to prevent cracking
    PK4:High-temperature tempering unique processing technology
    Our water divider for each forging after molding must undergo a rigorous high temperature tempering to ensure that the rod of toughness and anti-explosive.
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    Jialida company was established in 2007, after eight years of development, has now become the most complete water distributor category manufacturers and to warm the integrated system suppliers. Jie Lida through their own and the efforts of partners, the current business in China's 18 provinces, penetrate the provinces, cities, counties, towns, some products exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

       Jie Lida by virtue of leading management and technology, after three years of repeated attempts and adjustments, has now formed a professional 7A production management system, the system management development and production of product safety factor and stability several times higher than the traditional process, Has matured sales of multiple sets of warm integrated system, simple function, high safety factor, highly personalized design and a wide range of solutions and highly welcomed by the partners. Jialida also has a rich product line for different regional markets, to the greatest extent possible to meet the diverse needs of different regional users. After years of efforts, the company currently has more than 100 sets of CNC plane machine, intelligent temperature control electronics production line, the industry's first fully enclosed clean production lines, efficient manufacturing capacity and personalized supporting design by users praise!

        The road ahead is both downwind and countercurrent, and when we are all holding a prudent, the development of an enterprise is like a marathon run in the same way as the reform of the state economy. It needs to go through the water and sweat obstacles and block the barrier. Sincerely hope to join hands with you in this long run to win the final victory.

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