I Finally Switched from Satellite

I had satellite TV for a long time but it was a pain to get all the channels I wanted. Plus I bundled to get internet but I only got DSL. I lived to far from the city to get Cox Cable TV but since I moved I have finally switched. The TV has been great as I have been able to get all the stations I like so that I can be sure not to miss any more shows like I had been. Some shows I like were on channels that I could not get before, where I used to live.

Even if I do miss a show I can watch it online now since my internet if faster. My net was so slow before I only got like 5 mbps. It was awful. It also kept dropping all the time. So I would be streaming and the show would just stop loading then I would have to refresh to get it to load again and skip forward only to have it happen again a few minutes later. Sometimes it would be so slow that I couldn’t get it to load at all.

I work online too and this faster internet makes working so much easier and I can get so much more work done in a good amount of time. I am making more money this way. I am never going back to DSL. I did like living rural but there are some things I like about living closer to the city that I would rather not give up again and the cable and faster internet are a couple of those. I also like that I can run to the store or mall and not have it be an all day trip like it used to be. That is just no way to live.

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