Is It Safe to Use Public Wi-fi?

I was at the doctor’s office today and of course I had my tablet computer with me, as I assumed that I would have a long wait. I really can not use my phone for anything except the use it was designed for a hundred and thirty years ago. At any rate I start to put in my hotmail outlook login and I realize that there is a message that tells me there is not any wi fi security on the connection. I really wonder what the message means. Obviously this is a public wi fi network, the doctor’s office has the user name and the password written down on a slip of paper taped to the desk. It is obvious that I can get in it any time that I like and so can any other person, including people with less than pristine motives. So you may have some sort of computer criminal in the waiting room with you.

I am not really sure if this makes me particularly vulnerable, not so long as I am wary and I am not doing things that put me at risk. If I transmit something, then I can see how that puts me at risk. It is obvious that some other person, one with the ability, could intercept the stuff I do. So if I log into my hotmail account, that probably means that they can get hold of the information. I wonder if they can find some way to get stuff that is on my tablet, but which I am not sending through the air. There is a difference obviously, but I am not really sure which is which. You want to be careful, but just how careful do you really need to be. The safe thing would be to stay off the internet, but that would stink.

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