Living in an Apartment by the Lake

I have always loved nature. When I have a day off work, I am usually heading out on a trail to either ride my bike or to explore a new hiking trail. I am a bit of a loner too, so this kind of lifestyle fits me quite well. When I had to find a new apartment, I looked online at different Hattiesburg apartments for rent. When I saw that Breckenridge Park apartments were located right by a lake, I knew that it was where I wanted to move to.

I was able to see everything about the apartments online, and I was even able to look at a lot of pictures there as well. It was nice being able to see photos of not only the apartments but the grounds as well. The best part is that these apartments actually allow pets, something I had been considering but could never have before because the apartment I had been living in did not allow them. While I knew that I still had to think long and hard about that, it was nice to know that I could bring a puppy there anytime I wanted to.

I wanted to see an apartment in person, so I contacted the office to see if I could look at a vacant one. While the pictures were really nice, I knew that they can be deceiving as well. Thankfully, that was not the case here. If anything, the pictures did not do the apartment enough justice. I filled out an application that same day, and I am so glad that I am now calling this place home. I still don’t have a dog yet, but I have a feeling that is about to change. I am ready to increase my family size by one, and a puppy is the perfect addition to do just that.

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